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Choosing an appropriate dry dog food for your pet is something that requires some careful thought. Considering all the choices that are available, the process of deciding which one is appropriate for your dog can be a lengthy process. With the myriad of opinions that are out there and the huge price variations that we see, the whole area can be a minefield.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food brand, which will give you an in-depth overview of this particular product. Also, we’ll be looking at three other options that may prove to be good alternatives to the Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food brand.

Things to consider before buying a new dog food

There are many important factors to consider when buying a new brand of dog food. One, in particular, is how old is your dog? As far as professionals are concerned, your dog will go through three distinct stages during his life: puppy, adult, and senior. Your pet will need food that is appropriate for the stage of life they’re in, just as we humans do.

Other than age, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the ingredients of your dog’s food when considering a new brand. Interestingly, the FDA claims that products with ingredient-specific names are more likely to contain fewer ingredients in higher quantities than foods without them.

Ingredient lists are generally ordered by quantity, so the ingredients at the top of the list are the highest constituents. Therefore, you should look for a dog food product that has meat as the first product, rather than a meat by-product.

Some products also come with recommendations from pet affiliations such as the AAFCO, which is a reassuring indicator that a particular brand comprises quality ingredients and will form part of a healthy diet for your pet.

Additionally, you’ll have to choose between feeding your dog wet food, dry food or a combination of both. While this choice is completely up to the owner, there are a few tips on choosing the best option for your pet.

If your dog has trouble getting enough water, a diet consisting solely of wet food or a combination of wet and dry is a good option. Feeding your pet wet food can elevate their hydration levels. Wet food generally has fewer calories than dry food as the calories are less compact, which also makes it easier if you’re trying to control your dog’s weight.

Once opened, wet food has a short time span before it needs to be consumed and generally needs to be refrigerated. Dry food, on the other hand, can be left out for several hours without the worry of spoilage. It does not need to be refrigerated and just needs to be kept dry, making it more flexible for storage. Additionally, dry food can help clean your pet’s teeth, removing food debris as they chew. This is a bonus for dogs who are prone to dental issues.

One last consideration is if you want the food you give your dog to be grain-free. Some experts claim that grain-free dog food is healthier for dogs, and others say that it can actually be detrimental to a pet’s health. So do some careful research if this is a concern for you.

Grain-free pet food diets will help dogs who have issues digesting grain, which in reality is fewer than 1% of dogs. On the other hand, foods that are grain-free often contain fillers, which can also be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food

Gentle Giants is a highly regarded pet food brand, and their dry dog food is no exception. On the whole, the company strives to provide pet food that is of the highest nutritional standards. This is evident in all their products, including their dry foods, which are made with no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Their dry dog food product boasts a wide variety of customers who all have one claim: this is the best dog food they’ve ever fed their pets.

Features of Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food

If your pet is a picky eater, or will only eat a certain flavor of dog food, you shouldn’t have a problem with Gentle Giants dry food. With both a “chicken feast” and “salmon feast” flavor, your pet shouldn’t have an issue finding a flavor they enjoy.

In looking at the ingredients list of either flavor, both chicken meal and salmon meal are the first ingredients, which contain above-average levels of protein, and are healthy first ingredients for any pet food.

Gentle Giants foods also contain high levels of antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, and Beta Carotene, which can strengthen your pet’s immune system, and improve several other bodily functions.

The prebiotics and probiotics included in Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food have been known to help increase digestion and absorption among pets, which can make this product great for dogs who have stomach problems. Additionally, the food also contains chelated mineral complexes that help support the growth of strong muscles and bones and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food is also appropriate for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. This food also comes in both a grain-free and regular formula, letting you make the appropriate choice for the pets in your family.

If you’re not convinced about this product, it’s also received an endorsement from Ronald C. Bowen, D.V.M., who works at the Oak Village Animal Hospital. While Dr. Bowen has rarely endorsed any products for his patients, he couldn’t help but put in a good word for this dog food brand.

A portion of the funds from every bag sold goes towards Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions. An added bonus from choosing this dry dog food brand.


  • GMO free, as mentioned above
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants, pre and probiotics, and chelated mineral complexes
  • Comes in two tasty flavors
  • AAFCO approved


  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • Contains menadione, which has been linked to abnormal red blood cell breakdown
  • If your pet doesn’t like chicken or salmon flavored foods, they won’t like this product

Social Proof

Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word about this product. There are individuals all over the internet who have written reviews about Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food, and we’ve included some of them below.

One individual named Peach from the Gentle Giants website said “I have been using this dog food since I heard about it. I have one dog who lived to be 18 years old eating this food. She never went to the Vet except when she needed her shots. My male lived to be 14 years old, too, and only went to the Vet for his shots. I truly believe in this dog food. I will purchase this until they no longer make it. No matter how much it costs, it is cheaper than Vet bills for poor health.”

Amazon user J.A. Bacon had this to say about Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food: “At first I was afraid I had wasted my money because my dogs turned their noses up at it. However, when I started mixing it with their last dog food they were pushing the other aside and eating this. I would buy this again.”

Finally, fellow Amazon reviewer Heather said “My English bulldog developed an allergy at 6 years old, so I switched him to salmon. This has no poultry at all, even when most still use some poultry additives. I spoke with the gentle giants rescue, they are very particular on what their dogs ingest. My dog likes this food.”

Alternative Options

After all this, perhaps you’ve decided that Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food isn’t the right product for the pets in your family. If that’s the case, have no fear! Below, we’ve included three more products that might pique your interest.

Taste of the Wilds Roasted Bison Dry Dog Food

This product is made with high-quality roasted bison and venison and is protein-rich which promotes strong, lean muscles in your pet. They use no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and their products come in grain-free or ancient grain options.

This food is considered highly digestible, with proprietary probiotics that are made to thrive in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract.

If you like to buy your products from the US, this product is for you. Taste of the Wild is a USA family-owned company, and they love to hear from their customers, so if you have any questions about their products, you can feel free to contact them!


  • Highly digestible
  • Made with protein-rich ingredients
  • Contains antioxidants that work to give your pet a healthy coat and skin


  • Only available in one flavor
  • There has been some research done into this product’s link to chronic heart disease in dogs

IAMS Proactive Health Minichunks Dry Dog Food

This product, from the well-known IAMS brand, has chicken as its first ingredient, and it promotes healthy digestion through a blend of healthy fibers and prebiotics.

This product is one of the most affordable included on this list. Plus, it contains antioxidants that support a strong immune system and is veterinarian recommended.

Unfortunately, this product is only available in the chicken flavor, so if your pet is allergic to chicken, or simply doesn’t like the flavor, you’ll want to steer clear.

For your convenience, it can be purchased in a seven-pound or thirty-pound bag.


  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Cost-effective


  • Only one flavor option
  • Some reviews claim this product can induce gas in pets

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

This product is from another well-known pet food brand, Blue Buffalo, and comes in five different flavor options, making it a great choice for even the pickiest of eaters.

Blue Buffalo’s food products always feature real meat as the first ingredient, and this product is no exception. Whether chicken, fish, or lamb, these real meats help your pet build strong and maintain healthy muscles.

This particular Blue Buffalo producer contains Blue’s exclusive LifeSource Bits, which is a blend of healthy antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will help support your pet’s immune system and oxidative balance.

Unfortunately, this pet food is only made for adult dogs, so it isn’t the proper food to give to your puppy or senior pet. Additionally, it is one of the more expensive products on this list, which is something to keep in mind for our more budget-conscious readers.


  • Has a wide variety of flavor options
  • Features real meat as the first ingredient
  • Utilizes LifeSource Bits


  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • Not fit for puppies or senior dogs


With so many different dog foods available for purchase, finding the right one for your pet can be really difficult. That being said, Gentle Giants Dry Dog Food is one of those products that can really help your pet live a happy, healthy life.

If you’ve decided you want to check out the Gentle Giants product, you can check the price on Amazon here. Or maybe you prefer one of the alternatives we’ve reviewed. The primary consideration is that you keep your dog’s needs at the forefront of your mind. With the information we’ve provided, you should be able to find the food that keeps your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.

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