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What You Need to Know about the Best Dog Water Dispenser

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our recommendation.  The Old Tjikko 1 Gal Pet Automatic Dog Water Dispenser ticks all the right boxes and is our pick for the best dog water dispenser.

Your dog should always have unlimited access to fresh drinking water. When you’re not at home to refill their water yourself, you should make sure your dog can drink when they need to. Choosing the best dog water dispenser for your pet is a great way to ensure they’ll always be able to quench their thirst.

Your Dog Needs Plenty of Water

Access to fresh, clean water has an impact on your dog’s overall health, regardless of their age or size. During the warmer weather, extra water is necessary to prevent dehydration. When you’re not around, a dispenser is perfect to ensure your dog gets the water they need in your absence.

If your dog is very active, his requirements for water will be greater. Younger dogs going through hyperactive playing stages are at a higher risk of dehydration. Knowing the signs of dehydration is very important for any owner.  Loss of elasticity in the skin; lethargy; a dry nose or gums are tell-tale indicators.

If your dog finishes most of the water in their bowl when they drink, you will need to find a balance between giving them more water and keeping them from drinking excessively. Using a dispenser, rather than a bowl, is a perfect way to meet this need for your dog. Drinking too little or too much are situations that you want to avoid with your dog.

Helping Your Dog Drink More

Even if you’re sure your dog is drinking the right amount of water, some dogs might need encouragement to drink more. Sometimes the dish is too shallow for your dog, or the shape is off-putting. Remember that what looks attractive to you might not be the most practical option for a thirsty dog. The dish needs to be shaped in a way that makes your dog feel comfortable; otherwise, your furry friend won’t drink the amount of water they need.

Here, you can see an example of how easily a new bowl could confuse your dog:

The shape of the bowl should encourage your dog to use it. Placing the new bowl close to the food dish might spark your dog’s curiosity.

How Much Water Does Your Dog Need?

Most experts would say that healthy dogs require 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. of water for each pound of body weight. To put this equation into perspective, this means that a larger dog that weighs 65 pounds could drink as much as half a gallon a day. In addition to knowing how much water your dog requires, you need to know the best way to dispense the water to your dog.

A bowl that holds the amount your dog should drink in one day is best; however, you want to avoid having a bowl that encourages your dog to gulp down the water without stopping. After all, there is such a thing as letting your dog drink too much water at a time. One of the hazards of allowing your dog to drink too much water is called psychogenic polydipsia or water intoxication.

When your dog has consumed too much water, you might notice excessive salivation, pale gums, glazed eyes with or without dilated pupils, nausea and vomiting, bloating, lethargy, and poor coordination. When the symptoms are at their most severe, a dog might collapse, have breathing difficulties or seizures, and even go into a coma or die. Both dehydration and water intoxication are medical emergencies that require prompt veterinary attention.

Avoiding the hazards of too much or too little water is important. The best way to avoid both of these types of situations is to use a water dispenser, as opposed to a standard bowl. Dispensers offer several advantages that we’ll cover below.

What Are the Advantages of a Water Dispenser?

Dog water dispensers, like bowls, come in different types and sizes that suit different dogs. Even if you have multiple dogs representing different breeds, the good news is that you can easily find a dispenser that suits dogs of different sizes and breeds. After all, you want all the dogs in your house to have access to fresh water when they need it.

One of the best advantages of a dispenser is the ability to provide water when you’re not around to handle refills.  You can even find automated dispensers if you want to spend a little extra money.

Unlike bowls, dispensers are harder to tip over,  due to their greater stability.  Therefore a dispenser is better if you have rowdy dogs or kids who tend to tip water bowls over. 

Depending on what you’re willing to spend, dispensers can include extra features that help keep everything fresher and cleaner for your dog. Filters are included in some dispensers that help further purify the water. Many of these products are also easily portable, perfect for active owners and their dogs.


Now that you know what to look for and how to pick out the best dog water dispenser, here are five to consider:

The Top 5 Best Dog Water Dispensers:

1. Old Tjikko 1 Gal Pet Automatic Dog Water Dispenser

When you purchase one of these dispensers, you are taking advantage of a product free of harmful chemicals like BPA. The bottle is easy to use when refilling the dispenser, avoiding unnecessary spills. This dispenser provides a water supply for seven to ten days for small dogs and two to three days for large dogs. The base has skid-proof material to help prevent spills.


  • Easy to refill without spillage
  • Cleaning is effortless, without places for mold to grow easily
  • The cap has a pressure valve to stop leaks
  • A relatively shallow bowl is easy for most dogs to reach


  • Some large dogs can empty the bowl very quickly
  • Bigger dogs can overturn the dispenser easily

2. AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Water Dispenser

This dispenser is available in small and large sizes to suit any breed of dog. You can safely put up to a gallon of water in the bottle, which boasts an extra-wide mouth. The transparent PET material is visible enough for you to check water levels easily. Side handles allow for easier lifting, and the non-skid feet will help keep the dispenser in place.


  • The water seldom overflows
  • A clip-in cap for the bottle helps prevent leaking
  • Water usually lasts in the bowl several days without evaporating
  • An option with a feeder compartment is available
  • Refilling is easy with the bottle


  • The bowl must be cleaned in between refills to prevent timescale buildup

3. meleg otthon Pet Water Dispenser

This gravity water dispenser uses BPA-free food-grade plastic that is durable against falls. The bottle holds three liters, making it easy for you to keep your dog supplied with water, and you can easily keep an eye on the water level. A non-slip base helps keep your dog from overturning the dispenser. The base is easy to remove for cleaning, which is suggested about once a week.


  • The design makes it easy for water to last several days
  • These dispensers are good for homes with multiple dogs
  • The bottle and base are both durable
  • The screw-on cap makes it easy to reduce spills


  • Larger, rowdier dogs might end up tipping the dispenser over
  • The whole unit usually has to be picked up for cleaning instead of detached

4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Water Dispenser

This water dispenser comes in three sizes to suit different needs. Gravity allows water to keep flowing easily. The bottle-style easily locks into place and is free of BPA. Because the bowl has stainless steel construction, it is more hygienic for your dog. The dispenser can be easily disassembled for cleaning, and the bowl is dishwasher-safe.


  • The bowl is rust-resistant in addition to being easy to clean
  • Fills up easily without spills
  • Easy to judge the water level by sight
  • The bowl easily pops out when cleaning is necessary


  • The bottle can be difficult for some to lift
  • The design allows the bowl to easily fill up only part way

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Dog Water Fountain

This fountain-style dispenser dispenses water effortlessly and has a large size available that is perfect for multi-dog households. One of the advantages of the fountain style is how it encourages dogs to drink, with a water flow you can adjust. There is a built-in reservoir, as well as a carbon filter. You can wash the top shelf easily in your dishwasher.


  • Three sizes to choose
  • Fountain style with adjustable stream
  • Carbon filter for cleaner water
  • Dishwasher-safe top tray


  • Can develop a musty smell
  • Has no on/off switch


Of all the dog water dispensers we reviewed, the Old Tjikko 1 Gal Pet Automatic Dog Water Dispenser offered the best overall value. Even though the PetSafe Drinkwell Dog Water Fountain has innovative features in the form of an adjustable stream, the Old Tjikko dispenser has a simple design with a large capacity that works very efficiently for most dog owners. The anti-skid film on the dispenser’s bottom helps prevent it from tipping.

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