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Cat cages are a great way to give your cat its own personal space, whether for play or training purposes or just to temporarily offer your cat some protection and security. In this article, we’ll discuss what the benefits are of having a cat cage, how you can use one followed by a review of what we think are the best cages currently available.

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our recommendation. In our opinion, the Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage is the pick of the 6 we reviewed.

Why having a cat cage is important

Stray cats are common in many towns, but where do they all come from? The simple explanation is that most stray cats lose their way home due to an inborn instinct to return to their previous home when their owners have moved them to somewhere new.

If you’ve just acquired a new cat, or have recently moved home and brought your cat along with you, a cat cage helps you to house the cat in a secure place until it is accustomed to the new surroundings.

A cat cage can also offer protection from other animals. For instance, if you own an aggressive dog, the cat cage will maintain peace in your home by keeping the two animals separated.

Purebred cats are popular with some breeds fetching very high prices. Cat cages are a good way to ensure that the cats do not crossbreed, which is important if you own cats of different breeds. Cat cages are also a good way to control the number of times a female cat has kittens. Moreover, a cat cage is a great place to house a cat during the first few weeks after having kittens. It works to isolate the cat and gives the kittens time to suckle and grow strong. You can also house ill cats inside cages and let them out when they recover.

Factors to consider when choosing a cage for your cat


The safety of your cat is paramount when selecting a cage. The construction of the cage should not leave any protrusions, especially at the edges and corners. Any protruding tips could injure your cat when he moves around in the cage. Spaces between the material used to make the cage should also be narrow enough to prevent the cat from escaping.

Construction design

Cats are playful animals and love to move around a lot. If your cat is like this then consider cages that have more than one level to give your cat ample space to play. If you have more than one cat, get a spacious cage to house the cats to prevent overcrowding. A bigger cage also allows you to add more items for the kittens such as a litter tray, toys, and a feeding plate.

Ease of storage

A cat cage is just a temporary home for your cat. When not in use you need to keep the cage in storage. Some cat cages are made in such a way that they easily fold into a compact size for convenient storage. The foldable cages are also easy to transport and are straightforward to set-up.


A cat cage should also be easy to move around with the cat inside. A Handle at the top of the cage works perfectly when you want to move the cat from one room to another. Some large cages also come with wheels to move the cage around easily. For such cages, look for a locking mechanism capable of locking the wheels in place to stop the cage from moving around when the cats move or jump around.


The best cat cage is one that has doors in every compartment. The doors should open from the exterior and have lock fasteners to help keep the cat inside. It’s worth looking for a cage that has openings wide enough to allow you to get to all the corners when cleaning inside it.

Extra accessories

Buying a cage that comes with extra accessories for your cat is a great way to save money. Some cages come with pre-fitted beddings or hammocks for the cat. As such, you won’t have to purchase the accessories later or when you buy such a cage.

Is it safe to house kittens in a cat cage?

Placing kittens inside a cage for the first few weeks has great benefits for the cat owner. Aside from the fact that they are protected from harm, a cat cage is also a very convenient method of litter training kittens. The restricted area forces them to use the litter tray and once they get used to it, they remain with the training for life.

Should a cat be locked inside the cage for the entire day?

The cat cage should only be a temporary place for the cat to stay when you don’t want it wandering around. When you have guests, for example, cats might keep interrupting them by brushing on their feet. Keeping the cat locked in a cage during such times helps to restrict its movements. When there is no reason to keep the cat caged, you can let the cat out of the cage for it to explore other areas of your house.

Best Cat Cage Product Review

Now that you know what to look for and how to pick out the best cat cage, here are six to consider:


This cage has three spacious compartments that are big enough for your cats to play around. It is foldable and has four wheels at the base for easy transportation. The cage also comes with a leak-proof removable floor pan. It has two large swing doors with lockable latches on the bottom and top compartments for easy access and secure locking. The exterior is coated for a beautiful finish, which also prevents rusting. The cage is durable and covered under a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Spacious enough for 3 adult cats
  • The doors allow easy access when cleaning the interior
  • The large removable pan at the bottom collects all the litter preventing dirt from reaching the floor
  • Easily folds into a compact size for transportation


  • Hyperactive cats can knock down the cage causing it to collapse
  • Is relatively expensive for a basics design

Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe

This spacious cage is constructed with rust-resistant metal components and is divided into four compartments enough to hold 1 to 3 adult cats. The body has a narrow mesh design that prevents animal paws from getting caught up in between the spaces. Four easy-rolling casters are attached at the base for easy transportation and the large doors on each compartment allow easy access to the interior. You get two large and comfy hammocks that hang on the cage walls from end to end providing your cats with a luxurious sleeping space. The cage cleans easily and the hammocks are machine washable.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious enough to house 3 adult cats
  • The compartments can be separated to keep to cats away from each other
  • Comes with a free hammock
  • The exterior is Rust resistant


  • Requires 2 people to assemble
  • The wheels can damage laminate floors

Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage-Platforms

The Petsmatig cage is marketed as an all in one playhouse for kittens and adult cats. It has four compartments linked via three adjustable ladders to allow the cats to move freely within the space in the interior of the cage. Each compartment has a lockable opening while the bottom has a detachable pan with wheels for easy transportation. The cage also comes with a free suspended hammock and a pair of grooming gloves to help you take care of your cat. The walls are collapsible and the packaging comes with all necessary tools and instructions to follow a DIY setup.


  • Spacious compartments allow ample space for the cats
  • Adjustable ladders allow cats to move in all compartments
  • Transport wheels make the cage portable
  • Walls collapse into a compact size
  • Easy to clean
  • Free hammock and grooming gloves are provided


  • Covers for the platforms have to be purchased separately
  • Assembling the entire unit takes a lot of time

Siivton Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Siivton carrier helps you take your pet along with you wherever you go. It differs from other cages being made of fabric as opposed to metal cages. It has 4 entry and exit points which also double up as expansion compartments when you settle down. The interior is suitable for only one pet and measures 18 by 11 by 11 inches. The carrier can be worn as a backpack over the shoulders, carried by hand, or placed in the car seat and secured with the car’s safety belt. It comes with a cozy fleece bed that comes out easily for cleaning and mesh windows that zip open for air circulation.


  • Expands to create more room for movement
  • Mesh windows allow airflow to the interior
  • Can be used in the car seat and secured with the safety belt
  • Multiple entry and exit points
  • Fabric cleans easily


  • Ideal for housing only one cat
  • Does not have any extra pockets

Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

The parkland pet cage is made of washable fabric and comes in small, medium, and large sizes, thus catering to the needs of users who have one or more cats. The top closes and opens using a zipper and has a removable circular mesh cover. The main door also closes and opens via zippers while the walls are collapsible for easy storage and transportation. The walls made from fabric are kind to your cat with no chances of paws getting caught up. No assembly is needed to set the cage up. Simply place it on the floor and unfold it.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to set up
  • Fabric can be washed in the washing machine
  • Breathable top mesh optimizes airflow and cooling


  • Walls can easily be knocked down by hyperactive cats
  • The bottom does not detach for cleaning

Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series

This portable cage easily houses two adult cats and comes with a removable double-sided mat for the cats to sleep on. The front space has a large mesh window that enhances airflow and locks with a zipper to keep the cats contained inside. No assembly is required to set up the cage and the walls have no gaps, thus reducing chances of the cats harming themselves.


  • Easy to set up
  • Openings open and close easily with zippers
  • Comes with a removable double-sided mat


  • The compatible Litter tray is sold separately
  • The interior space is small for very playful cats


Our pick for the best cat cage is Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage that comes with multiple platforms and access ladders. It houses many cats and allows you to separate territorial cats. The extra bedding and litter pan accessories led us to rank this cage above the others we reviewed. We also found its ease of assembly impressive. Note that we also like the other metal cages for their large spaces and extra sleeping accessories. The main issue we had with the fabric cages is that their maintenance can be quite challenging, other than that we do like them also. If you are in the market for a cat cage, any of the cages featured above could be good for your cat. It really comes down to the nature of your cats, how many you’re looking to house and the primary purpose you’ll be using the cat cage for.

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