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We are dedicated to promoting a responsible and loving pet-owner relationship.   

A bit about us

Hi we’re Barry & Kate.  We’ve always had a love for animals ever since we can remember and between us have owned an number of different pets since we were kids.  Since an early age, our belief has been that a pet is part of the family and as such should be treated with the same care are consideration as any other family member.    Pet ownership is a long term commitment and our goal for setting up this site is to guide and advise, you, our readers, to make better informed choices.  

The array of decisions that need to be made can be mind blowing, from choosing a pet, to insuring a pet, to dealing with losing a beloved pet … we’ve been through them all.  Our aim is that through our review and information articles, we can help you steer a path through the maze of information available and spend more of your time with your pets.

Barry Ryan

Since I was a kid my main passions have been the outdoors and animals.  Over the years I’ve had a number of pets,  the latest incumbent being a 2 year Rottweiler-Stafforshire Bull Terrier cross  called Pearl,  she came to us following a rough start in life.   I’ve found over the years that there’s so much information available on products, advice on grooming & training techniques to name a few.  On this site I’ll pass on some my nuggets of experience to you.

Barry Ryan

Founder and Editor

Brought up in Australia to a farming family,  I’ve always been in and around animals since before I could walk.  My love of animals prompted me to take a career as Veterinary Physiotherapist and I now base myself at Newmarket, England where I treat thoroughbred racehorses.  Horses aside,   I’ve owned a number of dogs over the years, from cattle dogs in Australia to my favourite Rottweiler breed in Germany and here in the UK.  I’ve been through a lot with these lovely animals and I aim to share my experience with you through this site.   

Kate Hesse

Co-Founder and Content Contributor

Kate Hesse With Bear

How we write content

Dog sitting obediently
Hound face

All of the content is either written by us or through select freelance writers.  All articles are planned and structured by us,  even the ones written externally.  Before being published,  all articles the content of all articles by us for quality and nothing is published until we are completely happy with it.   It’s paramount to us that our articles are a source of value and trust.

We have a wealth of experience on pet ownership,  the products available and the services on offer.  As much as we can,  we try to get our hands on the products we review.  However,  it’s impossible for us to test everything first hand and in some cases we do rely on extensive customer feedback and input from manufacturers or product vendors.   

We have no affiliation to any particular product brand and our articles are written purely on merit so that the choices you make are in the best interest of you and your pet.

What's in it for you?

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As a start,  we hope you enjoy reading our content.  As pet owners ourselves,  we’ve tried to think of what we’d be looking for in a site like ours.  We think the summary list below covers this:

  • Gives an honest and no-nonsense advice on products and services free from any commercial bias.

  • Is written by people with real world experience on the trials and tribulations of owning a pet.

  • Understands the importance of looking after our environment and wants our children to enjoy their pets in a safe a clean world.

  • Achieves a balance of giving clear and accurate advice without being bogged down information overload.

If you agree with the statements above, then we think you’ll enjoy our site.  Our latest articles can be found here.

Barry Ryan

Founder & Editor